Why Clean Living?

What is clean living? Nutritional Therapist Heather Cuthbert believes clean living encompasses your lifestyle as a whole, keeping the body in a state of balance. It is built around allowing the body to relax and regenerate as well as be nourished by eating foods in their natural state. Foods must be fresh, unprocessed and nutrient-dense. It is also about staying mindful – mindful of what you are putting in your body and mindful of a healthy home environment. Serenity Spa has teamed up with Heather and Nuts about Nutrition to bring you inspiring, clean living events and cookery classes. Heather has a wealth of experience and her ideas and recipes have inspired and motivated many clients to achieve their individual goals, instilling them with a positive outlook on diet and optimum health for life! Fuel your skin and body with our help!


135 min / Kshs 9500 | On arrival at the spa you will receive a shot of our immune boosting orange-carrot juice, freshly made on the day. Your therapist will take you to the treatment room where it is now time to relax. Your body and mind need some downtime in order to recover from all the festivities and the rebooting will start with a full body scrub. Our gorgeous Lime and Lemongrass Scrub will lift your spirits, your skin will immediately feel smoother and silkier and the hot shower after the scrub will make you feel squeaky clean.

Straight after, the therapist will now wrap you in the Immune Boosting Body Mud which will draw out toxins from your body and at the same time infuse your skin with minerals to reboot your immune system. We will offer water during the treatment as you might feel quite thirsty and it is important to flush out as many toxins as possible. During the wrap, your therapist will apply a fantastic Face Collagen Mask. Collagen is responsible for maintaining skin elasticity and resistance. The mask boosts the dehydrating cells and helps to restructure the dermal tissue and fights ageing signs. After 20 minutes in the mud and with the face mask on, you will go for your second shower to rinse off. The icing on the cake of this beautiful package will be a 60 minute Aromatherapy Massage which works on your lymphatic system where more toxins hide. Your therapist will work on specific tension zones to release more “bad stuff” from your body. We promise that you will feel resurrected after this treatment. Enjoy a cinnamon rooibos lemon tea with some fruit kebabs after your treatment in our garden. Enjoy 2017!


60 Mins / Kshs 5000 | We will welcome you with a green mintini shot (pineapple, mint, wheatgrass juice & kale). From there you will be escorted by your therapist to your treatment room. Your spa journey will begin with a 30 minute back massage to release the tension in your shoulders and back. Feeling so much more relaxed already, your therapist will apply the amazing Cucumber Peel Off Face Mask. With more than 96% water, cucumber is a naturally moisturising plant, rich in vitamin C plus many minerals and trace elements such as potassium, phosphorus and sulphur which can help detoxify the skin, combined with marine algae to moisturise, heal and strengthen the skin. This detoxifying, refreshing and re-mineralising mask tightens the pores, visibly improving the brightness of your complexion as well as purifying your skin. While the mask settles, you will enjoy a 10 minute foot massage. After this quick fix of a detox treatment, we will serve you with an Avocado Vanilla (lactose free) milkshake.

Feel free to add a classic manicure and pedicure for Kshs 2000.


200 minutes / Kshs 15000 | This package hopefully does not only kick start your New Year resolutions but can also be your year of clean living lifestyle as it will stay in our menu for the whole year. On arrival we will serve you with a citrus shot (kiwi, orange & lime juice). Your spa journey will begin with a full body scrub. Rejuvenate and refresh your skin with the sweet aroma of geranium & grapefruit. This essential treatment bursting with floral and citrus scents will leave you skin with a fresh glow.

The scent of grapefruit oil excites specific sympathetic nerves that supply the brown adipose tissue and adrenal glands, which help stimulate weight loss. It also contains significant levels of anti-inflammatory and skin cleansing agents including the enzyme bromelain, which is known to break down cellulite. Grapefruit contains natural acids that cleanse the skin as well as vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant to protect the skin and quercitin which improves circulation. It’s high in potassium which supports cellular cleansing and helps tighten and tone the skin. Rinse off in the shower and drink a glass of water before experiencing one of the more unique massages, our signature massage – the Serenity Massage. A gentle, kind and warm rose quartz crystal massage that will release pent-up energy likely to cause muscular stress. The muscles are gently heated and stretched, then rhythmically massaged. A beautiful way of balancing the body’s energy centres to create optimum health and well-being. The Serenity Massage not only observes the client’s obvious aches and pains, but looks further into their energy centres to address the stress and emotional levels which can cause energy blockages. We promise, you will feel amazing, more relaxed, more balanced and you will most likely be able to sleep better again. Of course, not forgetting the face, we then give you a very relaxing, healing and balancing facial using Rose Absolute Serum and the Eye Contour Mask with Rose Essential Oil as your final step of your Clean Living Package. Rose oil is well known for its regenerating and stimulating properties and for toning and lifting the skin. The anti-oxidant activity of rose essential oil also encourages the healing processes of the skin. Amino acids including prolin and glycin give the mask its regenerating power, and this in turn regulates the skin elasticity.  Post treatment, we will serve you with a blueberry infused coconut water and fruit kebabs.


115 mins / Kshs 9000 | Not suitable for pregnant clients. The African plant combination with clay which contains l-carnitine and caffeine acts as a fat stripper. The wrap is pre-heated so it will work on circulation and stimulates the body to detoxify. This wrap is magic! After 20 minutes being all wrapped up, you will shower off the mud in our hot steam room and spend a few minutes relaxing in the steam. Enjoy a 60 minutes deep tissue massage to drain the lymphatic system and relax your muscles. You will notice that any water retention has disappeared. Drink lots and lots of water afterwards to flush out more toxins.


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► Nutritious Brunch / Lunch / Dinners – all wheat, dairy and sugar free.

* Minimum group of 4 people. Contact Serenity Spa for more information.

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