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20 minute Free Facial Consultations available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Essential Deep Cleanse Facial

Kshs 6500 • 60 mins | We highly recommend regular deep cleanse facials and therefore we created this perfect facial for you. Each step of this deep cleanse facial helps the skin to rejuvenate and rebalance again. Your trained therapist will cleanse, tone, scrub and steam your face as well as removing impurities like black and white heads. Finally we will apply a nourishing mask and offer a 10 minute foot massage while the mask is working its magic offering new nutrition back into the cleaned skin.

Drench & Hydrate – For Dry And Tired Skin

Kshs 7500 • 70 mins | Deep hydration is key to keeping your skin looking healthy and radiant. Aloe Vera combined with Kigelia Africana are top ingredients to help moisturise, heal and strengthen the skin. Hyaluronic Acid is another key ingredient helping with anti-ageing and repair. With The hydrating mask the skin is left glowing, balanced and hydrated. If you have dull, sensitive or dry skin, this is perfect for you.

Tight & Bright Facial

Kshs 8000 • 70 mins | This wonderful facial is designed to give you an instant natural face lift and glow. The procedure starts with the squeaky-clean facial which cleans and steams away any impurities, followed by our Gua Sha Face Massage. Gua Sha Massage with the quartz stones increases lymphatic and blood flow, it releases facial tensions and brings back life into your facial skin.  Walk out of the treatment room looking radiant and fresh. Fine Lines will improve when you have this treatment done as often as possible. No needles, no pain and very relaxing.

Gua Sha Face Massage

Kshs 2500 • 20 mins |  Add On To Facials

  • Promotes lymphatic drainage: Goodbye puffiness. “Practicing Gua Sha stimulates the lymphatic system to eliminate water retention by releasing fluid and toxins through the lymph system leaving skin contoured and glowing.
  • Increases circulation: Simply put, more circulation = more blood flow = more glowing skin.
  • Relieves tension: The facial tool gently massages the often-overlooked muscles in the jaw, cheeks, and forehead, and be used elsewhere on the body.
  • Anti-aging: Regular Gua Sha practice stimulates collagen production and may diminish the appearance of fine lines over time. (Some devotees even swear it’s better than Botox!)

Back Facial

Kshs 5000 • 60 mins

Outer Glow – Deep Cleanse, Cupping & Dermalux Therapy

Kshs 9500 • 90 mins | Brilliant for normal to mature skin, this facial both revitalises, hydrates and stimulates new cells and collagen. The glow is visible straight after the facial and we cannot rate it any better. With incredible ingredients chamomile, cucumber and witch hazel as well as Aloe Vera and Bakuchiol your face will be deeply cleansed, stimulated and nourished resulting in brilliant and glowing skin. Our skilled therapists will include a 10 mins cupping treatment to release toxins in the build up lymphs and leaving a noticeable difference. The Dermalux red light treatment at the end will boost collagen production further and we hope you will be back at least once a month to see the great results and benefits of younger looking skin.

Detox & Soothe

Kshs 9000 • 85 mins | This is suitable for more oily skin types, using the purest ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin and remove all the toxins. Probiotics, Witch Hazel and Tea tree are powerful ingredients for fighting inflamed skin and are useful in acne treatment. Next the Rosemary and Lemon face scrub gently exfoliates leaving the skin smoother, brighter and firmer. Your soothing facial will end with a Dermalux Light Therapy which helps with the healing process and kills any remaining bacteria.

Restore Facial

Kshs 8500 • 70 mins | Go on, treat yourself. With some of the best anti-ageing ingredients involved, this facial combines the power of Hyaluronic acid, Rose Water, Bakuchiol and Diamond Extract to stimulate and renew skin cells, restore skin elasticity and help slow down collagen depletion. This luxurious facial is for everyone who likes to treat their face to something more than just a deep cleanse facial and therefore we have also included 10 mins cupping into this wonderful facial to stimulate more blood flow and eliminate toxins. We recommend you add the Dual Injector treatment once in a while to really give your skin a proper boost (see write up) and of course always add a Dermalux session which increases collagen production. Dual Injector and Dermalux costs are not included in this facial but if you wish to do so for both it comes to: Kshs 4000 and we will add 45 mins to the session.

Carboxy Facial – Gentle Enzyme Peel, Carboxy Mask & Dermalux Therapy

Kshs 8000 • 50 mins | Non-Invasive Carboxytherapy is a treatment during which a gas, carbon dioxide (CO2), is infused into the skin to encourage an increased flow of oxygen. With increase in oxygen, a completely new micro circulation is created, that leads to unrivalled benefits such as increased lymphoid drainage and circulation, skin regeneration and elastin stimulation. Finish off the treatment with a Dermalux session and you will be amazed at your youthful glowy appearance. We recommend that you do a few sessions for the ultimate glow.

Facial Add Ons

  • Cupping | Kshs 1200 • 10 mins | Detoxifying, draining of extra fluids and promotes blood flow.
  • Red light treatment (Unavailable for Pure Skin) | Kshs 1,800 | Collagen booster to help make your skin look younger & tighter.
  • Dermalux | Kshs 2500 • 30 mins | LED Therapy, promoting collagen production/regulation of skin imbalances.
  • Dual Injector | Kshs 4000 • 30 mins | high frequency treatment, stimulation of cell renewal.
  • Nano Needling | Kshs 5000 • 30 mins | gentle needling for glowing skin