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Scrub Bar

Even though scrubs make dead skin cells seem like a distant memory they are so much more than just silky smooth skin – even though we’d be happy with that alone! Our Jani scrubs have so many benefits that improve overall wellbeing such as increased blood circulation which keeps your brain sharp, your body healthy as well as giving you a natural glow.

Coffee Scrub (Grounding & Soothing)

Kshs 2500 • 30 mins |  Feeling stressed and moody? The scent of coffee infused with Orange & Rose Geranium provide a quick pick me up. Scrub away all your anxiety leaving you with youthful and radiant skin. Bye bye cellulites!

Peppermint Scrub (Refreshing & Rejuvenating)

Kshs 2500 • 30 mins |  Peppermint is the ultimate solution for those Monday blues. Jumpstart your body and mind so you’re ready to take on the week ahead.

Thyme & Bergamot Scrub (Sensational & Uplifting)

Kshs 2500 • 30 mins |  Rejuvenate your skin with the stimulating properties of Thyme and Bergamot. They work overtime to give you an even complexion and fortify your skin.

Piña Colada Scrub

Kshs 2500 • 30 mins |  Come back to the tropics with the sweet and fruity scents of pineapple and coconut. Pina Colada promotes the production of collagen to give you that after holiday glow.

Tropical Body Scrub (It’s That Beach Feeling)

Kshs 2500 • 30 mins |  A flirty scrub infused with grapefruit and sweet orange that will take you back to those long days on the beach. This scrub will refresh your skin by reducing dark spots and wrinkles leaving you with perfectly polished skin.

Lavender & Lemongrass Scrub (Calm & Exhilarating)

Kshs 2500 • 30 mins |  Sleep like a baby after this stress relieving scrub. Lavender will calm your mind while lemongrass will relax your muscles preparing you for the best sleep.

De-Stress Scrub (Rise & Shine)

Kshs 2500 • 30 mins |  You won’t remember that stressful week at work after this scrub. The chia seeds leave your skin nourished and with the infusion of powerful Neroli oil a good mood is a guarantee.