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Serenity Spa Terms & Conditions

By using our services you are agreeing to the terms below which apply to any purchase. These Terms and Conditions apply to sales to the general public.

Opening Times

• Monday to Sunday 9am – 8pm
• Public holiday hours (usually as Sunday hours, but see updates on website)

Making a Booking

• Bookings can be made by phone, face to face, or email, subject to the following terms and conditions.• We will then send you a booking confirmation via email. You kindly need to give us your email address to ensure that we can make the booking otherwise the booking will not be confirmed. You will have to re-confirm the booking by simply sending a “Yes” back to us.
• If you are paying by voucher then we will take the voucher numbers to secure the booking. The voucher/s must be presented for redemption at the time of appointment to avoid cash payment. If the value of the voucher/s is less than the value of the treatment(s) we will ask for the balance on check out. They must be VALID.
• Group Bookings (more than 4) will be requested to pay 100% 48 hours prior to the booking date.
• We endeavor to send SMS reminders out but we hold no responsibility for failure to attend an appointment if email messages are not sent or received.

Attending Your Appointment

• Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to any treatment times booked to allow time to complete your consultation if you are a first time client. Lateness for your appointment may shorten the length of your treatment(s) with full payment accepted.
• We reserve the right to alter, refuse or terminate a treatment, without a refund, in the event of:

  • A client declaring a previously undisclosed medical condition that contraindicates their treatment/s.
  • A client engaging in inappropriate behaviour or making inappropriate requests of a therapist
  • A client abusing a member of staff physically, emotionally, verbally or in any other way
  • A client being under the influence of alcohol, drugs, etc.

• Certain treatments are contraindicated by some medical conditions. In some circumstance a client may waive their rights by signing a disclaimer stating that they are happy to continue with treatment despite being advised that there is a potential contraindication.
• It is a client’s responsibility to raise medical conditions with us at the time of booking so that we can confirm the requested treatment is not contraindicated.
• We take no responsibility for damage to individual’s belongings whilst on the premises.
• Your consultation form is a confidential document and its contents will not be disclosed to third parties unless otherwise stated or in the event of fraud, illegal behavior, etc.
• If your circumstances change (including name, address, contact details, medical conditions, etc) you must inform us. We take no responsibility for any errors or problems arising from a failure to advise us of a change.
• We reserve the right to ask clients to leave if they or those accompanying them behave in an inappropriate manner or disturb the treatments of others in the Spa. In the event that we ask a client to leave we will retain full payment for their treatment/s regardless of whether the treatment/s has been completed.

Cancellations and Rearrangements

• We have a strict 24 hours cancellation policy. Group booking (of more than 4 people) for the whole/any part of the group, require 48 hours notice. So please give us a call before this time if you need to cancel or re-arrange your bookings to prevent us asking for a payment which we can either do by issuing a voucher so that you can redeem the treatment another time or by Mpesa.
• Please note that these terms and conditions apply for appointments made for you or on behalf of a third party. If making a booking for a third party it is your responsibility to ensure that person/s can attend the appointment and is aware of our terms & conditions, and the cancellation policy.
• For an individual client who has purchased a course of treatments (6 or more sessions), we have a strict 24 hours policy to cancel or rearrange, otherwise the booked treatment will be lost.
• When paying with a gift voucher, our cancellation policy still applies and the voucher will be voided and no longer be available to use.
• Our cancelation policy is for the benefit of clients, by making our practices efficient, and Serenity Spa staff cannot override this system.

Complaints Procedure

• If you are unhappy about a treatment you receive please in the first instance tell the therapist providing the treatment so that she can adjust the treatment if necessary and possible.
• If you are still unhappy about your treatment/service you received, please ask to speak to the head therapist on the day and explain the problem. We will endeavor to resolve any issues immediately, but in some cases these may need to be passed to a higher manager for attention. It may not always be possible for a resolution to be found immediately especially if our head therapist is busy with another client.
• If you decide to email us with your complaint, please give the date, time and type of treatment/ service you received, the name of the therapist (if known), your contact details, and the nature of your complaint. You should then be contacted by a manager within 3 working days, but sometimes it can take up to 5 working days.
• We always do our best to keep all our clients happy, however we do not respond to any kind of threats.