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Benefits of Spa Visits

Serenity Spa was opened to give people a place of relaxation and enjoyment, a place to remove oneself from the pressures of everyday life and allow a reset. The benefits of visiting Serenity Spa are numerous and we hope this helps you to see how we can help you and your wellbeing.

Detoxification is getting rid of unhealthy and toxic substances from the body. Serenity Spa offers a great variety of slimming and detoxifying treatments. We also have developed a detox program with a German Nutritionist which has been successfully tried and tested. With 6 steam rooms and one sauna between our two branches, you can certainly steam and sweat away some unwanted toxins. We love combining the steam and sauna sessions with full-body scrubs, wraps and massages.

People who visit the spa for treatments are generally happy and have a positive outlook on and around life. We would love to help more people feel that vibe. The feel-good factor can easily be transferred to the people around you as we ll as helping you to significantly change how you approach things. It will give you more zeal when talking and addressing issues with people and can give you more energy to take on life’s challenges. Life is hectic and we need to all feel and build up our positive feelings.

The majority of our clients complain of back pain and we are here to help. Our therapists are highly qualified and understand the muscular system and how to release tensions. The increased flow of blood throughout the body helps to get rid of stiffness, aches, muscle tension, and pain.

More and more people are suffering from stress. Life has become too hectic and quite demanding for many of us. Having regular visits to the spa will ground you more and make you feel much more relaxed. Not only will your spa treatment clear your mind during and after it, but it can also improve your sleeping patterns at night. Sleep is essential for better mental health and we are delighted that we will soon launch a new product range called the Lala Range, focused on products to help you relax and sleep.

Serenity Spa offers a variety of slimming and detox packages. A slimming body wrap will come in handy to achieve weight loss. Our coffee scrub is a fabulous cellulite fighter and generally having frequent spa treatments will produce more endorphins – a happy hormone which makes you relaxed and positive. When you are relaxed and happy you don’t tend to overeat or binge eat. We now also offer celery juice which is known to support weight loss.

Having regular massage sessions will calm the nervous system that’s responsible for raising blood pressure. High blood pressure is risky because it can lead to heart disease. Regular massages will support the circulatory system in the body which will improve your cardiovascular wellness and your overall well-being.

A spa visit provides one of the best ways to enjoy your peace of mind and meditate. Meditation increases one’s happiness and improves concentration by a mile. A clear mind enhances better decision-making.

We offer a great variety of treatments for healthy skin. Exfoliation is one of the most common skin treatment therapies and we have 7 wonderful-smelling and uplifting body scrubs. Enjoy smooth and glowing skin after your scrub. Facials can also really improve your skin and skin tone. They are super relaxing too and honestly, we really hope to see more of our clients enjoying a good cleansing facial. It is far more beneficial than injecting your skin with Botox and fillers and is of course natural. Serenity Spa offers multiple facials from extractions to LED therapy, to face masks, to high-frequency and micro-needling facials.

Good looking hair and cuts play a big part of our image. A lot of us make statements with our hairstyles and colours and we are here to make you achieve the style that you want. Our sister company, Jani Beauty, has just delivered a beautiful range of shampoos, conditioners and hair masks which we use in our salons.

Getting a spa treatment is just the best way to simply relax, unwind and recharge. We are always here to make that happen for you, including spending some final wind-down time in our beautiful gardens after you’ve had a treatment. Serenity Spa is opening more branches in Nairobi where we can provide new oases of pure wellness and calmness.