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Steam Therapy

Pick Me Up

Kshs 10500 • 150 mins | With 5 steam rooms, this is the perfect, relaxing, enjoyable, quick fix detox pick up-treatment which includes: 30 minute invigorating, stimulating Peppermint Salt Scrub, 40 minute Illuminate wrap, including 20 minute steam and a 60 minute holistic massage.

Pure Indulgence

Kshs 14000 • 150 mins | This is our spa treatment that will detoxify, steam and purify. In the steam room, traditional Moroccan Black Soap is applied over your body by trained therapists to prepare your skin for a vigorous exfoliating scrub from head to toe, with the skilful use of a traditional Hammam glove (Kessa glove). Feel your stress melt away as your skin is gently sloughed of impurities as you are rinsed from head to toe. The second step in the Hammam ritual, is to apply a body mask which stays on for another 15-20 mins during the steam. This really tops the detoxification of your skin and body. All relaxed, clean and shiny you will enjoy a beautiful 60 minute full body holistic massage. It’s a perfect ending to your Hammam experience.

Hammam & Gommage Only (No Massage Included)

Kshs 9500 • 90 mins | This includes steam, traditional black soap application and scrub using the Kessa Glove. The body mask is applied after the scrub and you will be enjoying another 15-20 mins in the steam. A wonderful treat to detox your body and mind.

Repair & Reset

Kshs 10000 • 140 mins | Do you feel sluggish, fatigued and exhausted? Book yourself in for this amazing detoxifying package. Start your treatment with a 30 minute steam and have 2 cold showers in between the steam sessions to get your circulation going. The benefits of steams are – clearing congestion, improving circulation, lowering blood pressure, opening pores and clearing the skin from pollution, helping rejuvenate the skin as new cells develop, promote relaxation and in general give you a sense of well-being. After your steam, you will enjoy a 60 minute Lymphatic Massage releasing more toxins from your body. Make sure to have lots of water after the massage to flush out any released toxins. Your treatment ends with our bespoke 50 minutes Tight and Bright Facial. The procedure starts with a mini facial with no steam, no extraction and your therapist will massage your face with quartz stones (Gua Sha) to release tension in your face, relax your facial expression, stimulate circulation and release the built up toxins. You will leave the treatment feeling 100 % more energetic!