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Face Masks


Kshs 1,300 | Take your face from dull to glowing in just 15 minutes! The cooling serum will soothe, hydrate and smooth your skin, and the effects are noticeable and long lasting. The combination of Moringa Oil, Moringa Extract and Baobab Extract works to repair and reverse damage from sun and air pollution. The advanced liposome delivery system ensures that these ingredients get to where your skin needs them most. Use weekly, or as needed, when your skin feels dry and tired.


Kshs 1,800 | More than 96% water, cucumber is a naturally moisturising plant. It detoxifies, moisturises, heals and strengthens the skin.

Tea Tree

Kshs 1,800 | The practice of using tea-tree started in Australia thousands of years ago when native Aborigines discovered its antiseptic and anti-microbial properties. The essential oil used in this tea tree face mask is no exception.


Kshs 1,800 | For sensitive types, this gel-like mask combines algae and bilberry extract enriched with vitamins B, C & E – nutrients well known to help nourish the skin.


Kshs 1,800 | A powerful antioxidant blend extracted from the Creosote Bush, native to the Aegean island of Chios, containing active charcoal and impregnated with two acids to help control bacterial growth and fight shine. The activated charcoal has high absorbency to retain impurities and toxins, sweeping away excess sebum. Ideal for oily skin.


Kshs 2,500 | A refreshing, luxury mask. Revives dull skin, retains moisture and leaves skin radiant and beautiful. Its soft structure and its gold color is a true renewal booster.

A Recommended Add On – An Eye Mask

Kshs 1,500 | Plumping the skin around the eye area, reducing fine lines and dark circles.