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Signature Packages

Kila Kitu

Kshs 8000 per person • 85 mins | This is our signature treatment and we are so proud to introduce this service as it really concentrates on your full body and face. Enjoy a 60 mins deep tissue massage to release tensions and stress. After your full body massage, your well trained therapist will continue massaging your face with rose quartz stones to increase lymphatic flow, reducing puffiness and increasing circulation to boost collagen production. The so called Gua Sha Face Massage is the latest hit all over the world showing some amazing results if you do it once a week consecutively.

The Summer Feeling

Kshs 11500 • 130 mins | When you just can’t get enough of that summer feeling… 30 minute Body Scrub our new Tropical Salt Scrub. 30 minute Illuminate Wrap. Bilberry & Chamomile Facemask packed with antioxidants. Finish with a 60 minute Nourishing & Relaxing Full Body Massage to transport you back to those invigorating summer days.

Fresh & Feel Good

Kshs 16500 • 240 mins | Enjoy a full body exfoliation with the wonderful Lavender and Lemongrass scrub to rid yourself of all the dead skin cells and leave you feeling smooth and clean. Follow this with a holistic massage to melt away any tensions. Feeling tranquil and calm, you will then enjoy a 60 minute facial to replenish your skin and make sure your face matches your body with a beautiful glow. Finish your spa day with a classic manicure and pedicure.

Regenerate & Recuperate

Kshs 9000 • 120 mins | This package takes you to a happy place! We will start with our new Jani full body scrub “De-Stress” to exfoliate your skin and remove all the dead skin. All polished and clean, you will enter the steam room. Just enjoy the quiet time – no phone, no noise – relax and be in the moment while the steam is clearing the pores, clearing your blocked airways and warming up your body to stimulate blood circulation. After the steam, enjoy a 60 mins Aromatherapy massage.

Full Body Jump Start

Kshs 10000• 100 mins | A 20 minute full body scrub with the refreshing and stimulating properties of peppermint will awaken your body and mind. Shower off the scrub smelling divine, lie back to enjoy a 60 minutes deep tissue full body massage. A wonderful eye patch mask will work its magic during the massage. The eye patch mask is packed with collagen, perfect for tired and ageing skin around the eyes. After your massage the mask is removed and the treatment ends with a light face massage using the hydrating moisturiser. We promise that this package will jump start your body and mind.

Get Up & Glow

Kshs 22500• 5 hours | This package has all the right ingredients to set your body alight from within. Starting with a 30 minutes new luxurious Pina Colada Body Scrub to sluice all the dullness away, a 30 minute fine, anti-ageing Gold Body Wrap to get rid of the impurities inside, and a delicious 1 hour Art of Aroma massage for ultimate relaxation. Next, the Gold Facial so everyone can see that you have been rejuvenated. Finish your spa day with a Classic Manicure and Pedicure in our well designed nail area. This package accelerates cellular metabolism, re-mineralises the skin, fortifies the immune system, activates circulation and drains clogged lymph systems. This is the one you need to give your body and skin that all-round boost. You will feel uplifted, your body glows all over and it is worth every shilling.

Hot Thyme

Kshs 10500 per person • 120 mins | This fantastic package is made for everyone and anyone. We just love it and so have our clients who have tried and tested it. It begins with a 30-minute Thyme and Bergamot Salt Scrub, making you feel very refreshed. Your skin cannot get enough of it and your senses are stimulated by the beautiful smell of Thyme and Bergamot. Switch off completely and enjoy a 90-minute HOT Stone Massage. Hot Stone Massages are not only relaxing and beneficial for releasing tension but are also beneficial for boosting your immune system and promoting a good night’s sleep.

The Come Back

Kshs 7000 per person • 90 mins | Remove dead skin cells with our latest edition, the beautiful smelling NEW Coffee & Orange Salt Scrub, which promotes detoxification while promoting blood circulation. Enjoy a 60-minute relaxing full body massage afterwards. Feel strong and re-energized again. For a deep tissue massage top up 1000.

Lala Salama

Kshs 8500 • 90 mins | Jani has developed a soak & sleep bath salt which promotes relaxation for body and mind. The Lala Salama Bath Salt is packed with goodness, starting with Magnesium Salt which helps with muscle relaxation and pain relief, Lavendar and Ylang Ylang induce relaxation. It calms the mind and helps to unwind. We would set our jacuzzi with the right water temperature so that you can soak comfortably for 20 minutes. After your bath soak, enjoy a 60 mins relaxing full body massage, your therapist will use the Lala Salama body oil which is again packed with Lavendar, Ylang Ylang, and Vitamin E to nourish your skin. She will use a beautiful smelling and relaxing pillow spray and at the end of the massage we will apply a sleep oil to your temples for you to be ready for your good night sleep. This sleep promoter package is perfect for anyone who needs a proper winddown at the end of stressful and busy day.

*Kitisuru Branch – There is no jacuzzi! Therefore we can only offer the sleep promoting full body massage. The cost would be Kshs 6000.

Stress Buster

Ksh 10000 • 120 minutes | Take time out of your busy schedule and book yourself in for a 90-minute deep tissue massage followed by a 30-minute reflexology. You deserve to it and be free of tensions and stress.

Revive and Relax (Karen & Gigiri Only)

Ksh 6000 • 75 minutes | We are delighted to launch this new package! Our new infrared sauna has been installed in one of our spacious en-suite rooms in Gigiri. The benefits of a red-light sauna session are endless, but to mention a few: improved collagen production, increased blood flow, greater cell regeneration, reduces inflammations, muscle recovery, tissue regeneration, and so much more. The session will be 15 minutes max. Relax further with a 60-minute holistic massage after the sauna session or choose a deep tissue at an extra cost of Kshs 1000. Depending on your concerns, we can offer a full sport massage at an extra cost of 3000 Kshs (additional time 30 mins). Enjoy herbal teas and some fruit kebabs in our relaxation area or gardens.

Immune Booster

Kshs 10000 • 100 mins | The Neroli & Geranium full body wrap will bring back tightness, warmth, and glowing skin to your life. Enjoy a 20 mins steam session with your wrap on and relax further. End this wonderful treatment with a 70 mins full body Hot Stone Massage. You must agree that just looking at this package, it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Circulation Booster

Kshs 9000 • 100 mins | A 30 mins full body scrub will get the blood flow going. Our beds are nicely heated, the beautiful smelling Lemongrass & Lavender Scrub is applied all over your body to make your skin look and feel or smooth. Have a wonderful hot shower to rinse of all the scrub before enjoying a 70 mins Hot Stone Massage to release more tension and melt away the stress. If you fancy a stream session before the massage, we can book this for you at an additional Kshs 1000 (20 mins).