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Karen Special Packages

Serenity has arrived in Karen!

 Safari means journey and therefore we decided to create a room where you can go on a spa journey.

Our Safari Room is ready to glow you up. Come and try out our Jacuzzi, Steam Bath, Sauna and Ice Bath either on their own, or as part of one of our Special Packages. The packages use our very own Jani Beauty products.

Great relationships are about sharing. Share time and good health with your besties. If your bestie is your other half then bring them to the Safari Room too. It’s so much more rewarding than yet another coffee in a crowd. We can accommodate up to three fabulous friendships. 

It’s Mint To Be

(Body Wrap, Steam, Sauna, Ice Bath, Massage)

Kshs 14000 PP • 190 mins | Start with a Mint To Be Body Wrap from Jani, packed with the herby and earthy goodness of Rosemary & Lavender. Calming and yet uplifting, leaving your skin silky smooth. Lie back and enjoy a 20-minute steam to speed up the exfoliating process, and decongest clogged-up pores and airways. Once unwrapped and relaxed, pop back into the sauna for another 20 minutes, dipping in an out of the ice bath to boost your blood circulation and feel toxin-free. The treatment ends with a gorgeously holistic 90-minute full body massage which works on your emotional and spiritual wellbeing whilst relaxing your whole being. Back to life!

Experience The Magic

(Body Scrub, Sauna, Ice Bath, Massage)

Kshs 11500 PP • 130 mins | You’ll be enchanted by our Neroli & Rose Geranium Mood Magic scrub. Exfoliate the toxins away the fruity, citrusy way, and be ready to get up and glow. Our next trick is a 30-minute session in the sauna, with circulation-boosting jumps into the ice-bath, to really up your energy. Continue the magic with a 60-minute Holistic Massage, to get those chakras aligned and leave you feeling both relaxed and energised. If you feel extra tense and knotty, please ask your therapist for the Deep Tissue Massage instead, at an additional cost of Kshs 1000. Whatever your mood as you travel through the adventures of life, a touch of magic is mandatory.

Whole Day Holiday

(Body Scrub, Body Wrap, Steam Bath, Sauna, Ice Bath, Massage, Facial Mani, Pedi)

Kshs 27500 PP • 400 mins | The Ultimate Spa Day. This is a day you’ll look  forward to so eagerly that its positive effects will begin before you even arrive at Serenity. Walk into our stunning new venue, knowing that it’s yours for a good, long time.

Begin your experience with our new Jani Pina Colada Body Scrub – a 20-minute treatment designed to sluice dullness away, and induce that holiday feeling.

Once you’re feeling gorgeously exfoliated, a 30-minute anti-ageing and uplifting Sweet Orange and Bergamot Body Wrap will detoxify your skin, assisted by a session in the steam bath.

Now feeling toxin-free, go on to experience the energising effects of our 20-minute hot and cold therapy, to stimulate circulation, and help build your immune system. In this therapy, the sauna is set at maximum heat and the ice bath is ready for you to jump into, when you too reach maximum heat. This is repeated a few times, to really get the blood flowing.

After all of this invigorating rejuvenation, a relaxing 60-minute Art of Aroma massage is just what you need to send you into slumber- land.

The next step of your indulgent treat(ment) is our famous anti-ageing facial. Finish your spa day with a Classic Manicure and Pedicure in our beautifully-appointed Nail Spa, with a cup of herbal tea and a refreshing plate of fruit.

This package accelerates your metabolism at a cellular level, re-mineralises the skin, fortifies the immune system, activates circulation and drains clogged lymph systems. This is the one you need to give your body and skin that all-round boost.

Couples Triple

(Steam, Sauna, Ice Bath and Massage for 2)

Kshs 9500 PP• 120 mins | Triple your couples experience by enjoying a 45 minute steam, sauna and ice bath combo. Steam and dream away the toxins, and boost your circulation and happy hormones with an ice-kick. Complete your couples treatment with a 60-minute Holistic Massage, or Deep Tissue Massage for an additional Kshs 1000.

* The Karen Special packages are priced per person.